01. SHINee - Alarm Clock
02. Super Junior - Someday
03. Jonghyun - Jonghyun
04. Urban Zakapa - Always Be Mine
05. My Chemical Romance - The Ghost of You
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Minimalist Scenes from Assam, India with @prince_sarmah

For more photos and videos from Prince, follow @prince_sarmah on Instagram.

19-year-old Instagrammer Prince Sarmah (@prince_sarmah) captures and shares minimalist scenes from his hometown of Assam, India. “I don’t even know how this style is developing—maybe I am more attracted to minimalist style to show how simple things can be influential.”

Most of Prince’s subjects are things he finds out in the streets such as animals, fruit stands and bikes. Instead of capturing them in their context such as in landscapes, he has a unique way of closing in on the focal point. “I don’t like to put the subject in the middle, so I cut out a portion of it and put it in a corner,” Prince explains. He also makes a conscious decision to shoot subjects “based on their relation with light.”

"Indian culture is rich in art, but due to the faster moving life here, people get less time to focus on it," says Prince. He feels strongly about motivating the younger generation to be more proactive about exploring their creativity. "I am influencing my friends to use Instagram, and someday, I want to organize an InstaMeet here, too.”

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It’s all too much and not enough at the same time. Jack Kerouac (via dulcetive)

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istg every time someone says “babygirl” i get really uncomfortable because I think of that video on youtube of that emotionally disturbed pre-pubescent boy stating how much he loves his babygirl briona

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